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Signature Therapies

These treatments are exclusive to J Wellness Circle and have been carefully recreated from the fabled lifestyle and culture of Indian royalty and the healing therapies that embrace Indian spirituality.

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Vishramã (Deep Muscular) | 120 mins £240

A deep muscular massage for profound relaxation.

An application of hot compress of therapeutic Indian herbs works on your tired and sore muscles. Alternating palm and thumb strokes. skilled hands massage in fragrant signature oil blends. stretching each muscle group and releasing knotted nerves. As a result, the body is realigned and the energy flow within is restored.

Sushupti (Dreamless Sleep) | 120 mins £240

An indulgent treatment for deep relaxation and glowing skin.

Set the mood for this pure indulgence as you commence with an aromatic footbath. Pamper yourself with the richness of nature. a natural blend of 22 herbs. green gram flour. honey and fresh cream. A heavenly scalp massage calms your mind. taking you to a blissful state of relaxation. Soak your cares away with a warm bath of nourishing raw milk. enhanced with rose essence and rose petals. to wash away the traces of the wrap.

Succumb to the rhythmic strokes of a relaxation massage. during which hot packs are placed on the body dissolving aches and strains. Complete your experience with a face massage leaving you languid and thoroughly pampered from head to toe.

Vishuddi (Detox) | 120 mins £240

Garshana exfoliation is performed using silk gloves to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph and energy. As a result, your body eliminates the impurities gained in our daily life. Then you are warmly cocooned within a traditional Indian herb wrap followed by a soothing bath and a full body lymphatic drainage massage.

Cleansed anew, this treatment leaves you in an optimum state of well-being.

Trupti (Contentment) | 120 mins £240

Embrace harmony and lose yourself in this entrancing experience designed to lead you to a state of nostalgia.

Inspired to give you a captivating night's sleep. This experience begins with our Indian head massage to relax and improve circulation and ease sore tired neck muscles. Let the gentle rhythm of our therapist's hands soothe your back with strokes and stretches harnessed with rich essential oils. to de-stress and calm your body. allowing cares and tensions to dissolve. Succumb to a sublime massage treatment on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. Complete your indulgence with a nourishing beverage.

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Signature Therapies

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