Derived from the Sanskrit term पथ्य, inferring a path, Paathya encapsulates our initiatives to lead positive change with IHCLs core values of Trust of all stakeholders, Awareness around the needs of our ecosystem and Joy at heart. Taking ahead of the Indian Hotels Company Limited’s (IHCLs) over a century old legacy, Paathya forges a journey focused on Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Excellence in Governance, Preserving Heritage, Value Chain Transformation, and Sustainable Growth.

At Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, we are committed and upholding the core values of Paathya by dedicating ourselves to sustainability and social responsibility. We contribute to the near by community through various endeavours, including food and coat donations, supporting local causes, and actively participating in community welfare programs.

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A Platinum Status Hotel Through Earthcheck

We are delighted to have achieved a Platinum Certified Status through EarthCheck, the world's leading environmental management and professional services group for the travel and tourism industry.

It's an important milestone for us that we have worked really hard towards, it recognises our hotel and the staff's dedication to using sustainable methods and practises in order to protect our environment and which demonstrates Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences & St. James' Court, A Taj Hotel, London’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and natural surrounds.

Tourism is a $1.4 trillion industry which directly affects the destinations it operators within. The very environmental values and cultural assets that attract visitors to destinations need to be protected and responsibly managed. The tourism industry and its operators are key to creating this change.

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