Telepresence is a high-definition, immersive video conferencing service with brilliant, guaranteed video and audio quality

The Telepresence facility offers:

• Improved Productivity – Reduce idle time spent traveling and focus on your business

• Improved Team Interactions – more people can attend a remote meeting than a regular “business trip” would have permitted

• Lower Carbon Footprint – The carbon footprint of a public Telepresence facility is immaterial when compared with air travel.

Benefits of Public Telepresence to Customers – Cost-effective: public rooms are the most cost-effective way to take advantage of Telepresence. You pay only for the time that you use the service. Convenient: all of the Tata Communications’ Public Room facilities are located in the heart of the business district and/or in the centre of key metropolitan areas in the world. Easy to Use: Tata Communications’ concierge support team manages the Public Room facilities, so scheduling and booking a room is simple.

For more information or to book the telepresence room please contact Mandee Morris +44 20 7963 8380

Tata Telepresence Locations